About Us

Photojournalists Association of Turkey (TFMD) was founded on June 12, 1984 under the name of Photojournalists Association. The Photojournalists Association of Turkey, headquartered in Ankara, was received the status of “Associations working for the public benefit” with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 02.11.1989 and numbered 89/14719. With the approval of the Ministry of Interior dated 19.08.2005, the association gained the expression “Turkey” at the beginning of its name.

The Photojournalists Association of Turkey, which is at an efficient point among the professional press organizations with its activities and publications, has a strong and respected structure among non-governmental organizations with its national and international projects. The association has succeeded in establishing a strong association in the profession since its establishment. Photojournalists of Turkey’s leading publications and respected journalists in the profession have gathered within the association.

The Photojournalists Association of Turkey tries to make the voices of its colleagues working in this most difficult field of journalism heard and to raise awareness about press photography with its events. It carries out training and information activities in order to make the profession of journalism better in organizations held with universities and journalist societies. Today, the association seeks effective solutions to many problems in the narrowing of the media world.



The “Press Photographs of the Year” competition, which has been held continuously since 1985 by the Photojournalists Association of Turkey, is the only organization in the field of press photography in Turkey. The competition is among the most prestigious awards of the Turkish media. The frames awarded in the Press Photo Contests of the Year mark the visual history of Turkey. Each year, the award-winning frames are presented in exhibitions at approximately 40 different points, and are permanently transferred to the future with the printed works. The award ceremonies of the contest are held with the participation of important names from politics, media, business, art and sports. Approximately 5 thousand photographs are submitted to the competition each year. While the competition aroused interest during the application process, it also found wide coverage on the Internet, newspapers and TV when its awards were announced.


Purpose of the competition

To encourage photojournalists working in difficult conditions in the press sector. To contribute to the development of press photography. Technical support of press photographers. To keep the interest in news photography alive by exhibiting the selected photographs at domestic and abroad.

The “Press Photographs of the Year” competition is not only a prestigious organization, but also encourages journalists as an award.



The Photojournalists Association of Turkey organizes the only festival in the field of press photography in Turkey under the name of “International Antalya Press Photo Days, PhotoAntalya” at the beginning of April every year. At the event, which was organized together with the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the most important names of world press photography and the names that shape Turkish press photography, young photojournalists, academicians, university students, photography enthusiasts are hosted. The event, which deserves to be heard on the international platform with the name “PhotoAntalya”, contributes to the promotion of the country, raises awareness in the field of press photography, and brings together the masters and the young generation. During PhotoAntalya, approximately one thousand photographs are exhibited in the Glass Pyramid, the center of the event in Antalya, and 500 photographs are also presented to the public at different points of the city. Interviews, panels, conferences, photo evaluations and workshops are held throughout the event. In its first year, only the exhibition in Glass Pyramid hosted 11 thousand people in 5 days.



  • Press Photo of the Year (published annually since 1988)
  • TFMD Photojournalist Magazine (started publication in 2009 and published continuously for 5 years. Removed from publication in 2014)
  • Our Presidents (1985)
  • History of Turkish Democracy in Photos (2007)
  • 90th Anniversary of the Parliament in Photos (2010)
  • 95th Anniversary of the Parliament in Photos (2015)
  • Presidential Cycling Tour (2011)
  • 10 years in sport (2012)


Foundıng Members





Mehmet ÜNLÜ








In their first meeting in 1984, the founding members unanimously decided to appoint Rafet Hüner as the founding president of the Photojournalists Association of Turkey. Hüner served for 1 year. – The grave of the Founding President of the association, Rafet Hüner, who passed away on August 19, 2005 at the age of 66, is in Antalya.- After Rafet Hüner, Bülent Söylelmaz, Abdurrahman Antakyalı and Ateş Tümer served as president respectively. Rıza Özel, who took office at the 13th Ordinary General Assembly of the association held on April 26, 2009, is still the president of the association.

Rafet HÜNER (1984-1985)

Bülent HİÇYILMAZ (1985-1999)

Abdurrahman ANTAKYALI (1999-2002)

Ateş TÜMER (2003-2009)

Rıza ÖZEL (2009-)