Sami Tolga Adanalı

Vice President – Marmara Region Representative

He was born in Kdz.Eregli. He completed high school at TED College, and university at Ege University, Department of American Culture and Literature. He completed his master’s degree in visual arts in the Department of Master of Digital Photography and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He started journalism at Yeni Asır Newspaper’s Foreign News Service during his university education in İzmir, then worked as a photojournalist for 2 years at Hürriyet İzmir Bureau and DHA. Adanalı, who later transferred to Anadolu Agency as a photojournalist, worked in AA’s İzmir, Ankara, İstanbul and New York offices between 2001-2013. Tolga Adanalı took part in the founding team of Depo Photos Photography Agency in 2013 and still continues his journalism career as a manager and photojournalist at Depo Photos. He worked as a photojournalist in many wars and conflicts, and he shot many international sports events from the Olympics to the NBA, from the Champions League to the Euroleague. He also worked as a photojournalist at over 50 political and economic-oriented international summits such as the G20, G8, NATO, and the United Nations General Assembly. Tolga Adanalı has been diving professionally for many years and takes underwater photographs. Having a good command of English and French, Tolga Adanalı has many local, national and international awards, including the “press photo of the year” awards.